O Captain! My Captain!

O Captain! My Captain! … This is very sad. It’s another father figure passing that makes things not so good. R.I.P. Robin Williams. Carpe Diem, bitches!

Hello Kidney t-shirt

Kidney Transplant survivor

5 years ago yesterday, I got a life saving kidney transplant and I didn’t have to do hemodialysis anymore. Find out more about this ordeal…


Why I choose WPEngine

Why choose WPEngine? Yoshi explains why in this short article about them. Yes, yoshi.land is hosted on WPEngine servers. So he might be a bit biased about it.


My life Supernatural

I’ve found the CW show Supernatural to be quite good to watch. I like the show. Almost everything about it is what I would do if I came up with a TV show. I really have to applaud Eric Kripke for his genius in coming up with a great show. If you haven’t seen this […]


The search for a copy of Final Fantasy XIV

So, tonight, we decided to go visit Best Buy and get a game for the PC. We were looking Final Fantasy XIV, because they decided to freeze the sales of the PC digital download version of the game since everyone was buying it and making them money. Oh, but the side effect was the servers […]

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