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supernaturalI’ve found the CW show Supernatural to be quite good to watch. I like the show. Almost everything about it is what I would do if I came up with a TV show. I really have to applaud Eric Kripke for his genius in coming up with a great show. If you haven’t seen this TV show (unimaginable but possible), it’s basically starts out as a story about two brothers who reunite after a short time apart and go on the road looking for their father who might be missing. What follows is an amazing story of magic, mayhem and suspense. I love this show!

But at the core of the show is the incredible time spent driving from location to location. It’s like the eternal road trip. That might be one reason why I love this show. I’m a bit of a road trip junkie myself. Now I’m not comparing my life to the lives of the Winchesters. I’m not out there, hunting down Wendigos or tracking a shapeshifter. No, it just seems like my life has been one big road trip. I’ve driven/ridden to almost all of the continental states. I’ve been from coast to coast (quite literally!) twice. I just love road trips.

1035936_75084277One road trip that comes to mind was when I moved from New Jersey to Southern California. That may be the longest of all road trips I’ve ever done at one time driving. Granted, we did not drive straight through. We took our time, it was like an extended vacation. I believe we took 2 weeks to do the trip. It could have been more like 16 days. It was fun. Talking about all the details of this trip would exhaust the patience of almost everyone and is beyond the scope of one blog post. I can touch on a couple of things, however.

I think one of the most memorial parts of the trip has to be the visit to the Grand Canyon. I think it might have been the most beautiful thing I’ve seen. I know I haven’t really seen much, I haven’t been to the Arches, Yosemite, and many other places.

I remember when we arrived in the Grand Canyon, it was night, and looking at the stars, it was like I could reach out and touch them. It was so clear, I suppose to use todays terminology, it was like seeing the stars in HD. It was just something so new to me. Everything was so…clear!

grand_canyonWhen we finally were able to go to the actual canyon during the day, we wanted to do the Mule ride, but we found out it was a YEAR wait. Whoa, that was crazy. Of course, I could have misunderstood her. I’d have to ask my friend Michelle for clarification there if she remembers.

Anyways, when we viewed the Grand Canyon, it was so unreal. It was like looking at a painting. As a matter of a fact, pictures of the Grand Canyon looked more real than the real thing! It was just incredible. I mean, it was just incredible. I suggest going there if you have never been because you have to see it to believe it. I’d love to do the glass walkway thing. That would be incredible! Has anyone done this?

While my life isn’t about hunting monsters and traveling from location to location to make the world a better place, I think I have some kind of understanding of how it is to live on the road for the Winchester boys. I guess that’s my life Supernatural.

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  1. Sue Hull says

    I haven’t seen that show but I think I may have to check it out. I’m so busy entering giveaways that I don’t watch a lot of tv. I just dvr my shows so I can watch them on sundays. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon. My daughter’s been there a couple of times and says it’s just breathtakingly gorgeous. I don’t travel due to extreme pain due to back and leg issues.So I just see photos of everywhere my daughter goes to. She went to London to visit her fiances family and that was quite the experience. She travels for work training seminars so I get shot glasses & post cards,I collect them. Now that I’ve bored you to death I’m off to finish a giveaway at Melanies :)

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